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Pot Luck

by: JayinPhiladelphia

Fri Jan 18, 2013 at 14:10:31 PM PST

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I've only been to Minneapolis, Minnesota three times in my life, and only once have I ever set foot on its 'soil' (or pavement, whatever).  Briefly passing through on Amtrak Empire Builder trips, once in 2007 and twice in 2011.  I've always thought it was a nice place I should spend some time in one day, though.  I also couldn't help but notice it has a mill district, which of course strikes this Kensington, Philadelphia resident's fancy!


Looks like they're doing something right on school lunches out there.

All high schools are now fully converted to scratch cooking, with six new stations serving up ethnic foods, classic hot sandwiches, traditional comfort foods, freshly made pizza and pasta, and deli salads. All high schools offer salad bars showcasing local, seasonal ingredients and an array of legume and whole grain salads such as wheatberry salad, wild rice salad, and quinoa tabbouleh. The cafeterias use fully compostable plates and utensils. Professional development is an ongoing priority. And high school participation has increased by 30 to 40 percent, while the number of schools serving breakfast in the classroom has tripled.

"I've been getting emails from associate principals and teachers who are noticing an incredible behavioral change in the cafeteria, from students being loud and having food fights to sitting down like young adults and having conversations," he says. "The cafeteria staff is excited because they're getting compliments from the teachers and kids. And our custodians are observing no waste, so the kids are actually eating what they're taking."

I really like the "summer food truck" idea, serving meals to kids citywide while school's out.  See the article for much more.


Pot Luck, it's an open thread!

JayinPhiladelphia :: Pot Luck
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Pot Luck | 22 comments
I like this pic... (4.00 / 1)
...I just took on the bus home.  Not sure what about it strikes me, but something just does.  I think it's the ghostly-ish reflections and angles of things off the window?

IMG_20130118_154141_zps6de22795 photo IMG_20130118_154141_zps6de22795-1_zps7aeeb0b2.jpg

Not bad for a cell phone pic!

Kensington coyotes? (0.00 / 0)
I am pretty damned sure, from the bus window, I saw a coyote chasing a fox on Frankford Ave in the vicinity of Allegheny here in Kensington at around 7 this morning.

I mean in the literal sense.

By then I was fully coffee'd up, and was quite awake and aware of my surroundings.

This is going to puzzle me for days now.

Are there coyotes prowling the inner city here in North Philadelphia? And do they chase foxes (foxi? foxen?) on our pavements in the early morning hours, amidst the shadows of our unfortunately long-closed mills?

I... I... I... I don't quite know what to make of this yet. I need time to think.

Whoa, I think I DID see this! (0.00 / 0)
It looked like a really, really skinny wolf.  That would, indeed, be a fucking Pennsylvania eastern coyote.

In Pennsylvania, eastern coyotes have become more common than black bears, bobcats and otters over the past 30 years. How these animals live, where they came from, and what we should do about them are topics that are popping up more and more in conversations among Pennsylvanians every day.

Once an animal automatically associated with the West, coyotes now live in every state east of the Mississippi River. In 2005, hunters and trappers  harvested more than 20,000 coyotes statewide, according to agency Game-Take and Fur-Taker Survey results. They can be found almost anywhere: from the suburban sprawl surrounding Philadelphia to the remote ridges of the Alleghenies. There are few areas remaining in the state where coyotes aren't found.

But don't expect to see or hear them regularly. This secretive canine prefers to operate under the cover of darkness - unlike its western counterpart - when there are fewer encounters with people. Coyotes - as well as their scat and tracks - are being seen more and more by hunters, hikers and other people who spend many hours afield.

Few Pennsylvania mammals have an ancestral background as untraceable or a lifestyle as obscure as the eastern coyote's. Photographic evidence of coyotes in Pennsylvania first appeared in the 1930s. Their fondness for remote areas and scant numbers pretty much kept them out of the public's eye for decades, except for the occasional one shot by a deer hunter. That changed in the 1980s, when their population began to expand in leaps and bounds.

Whoa.  I honestly never knew this before.  I really did see a coyote (I know them from Oregon) here in the inner city in North Philadelphia earlier today, then!

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We're seeing coyotes all the time in Portland. (4.00 / 1)
And not just in the outer eastside neighborhoods or around Forest Park. Coyotes have been spotted up on people's front porches in Beaumont-Wilshire and Hollywood. And they are on the streets everywhere. Well, I haven't heard that any have been sighted in the Pearl, but many other neighborhoods.

They scary thing is that they seem to no longer be afraid of or wary of humans. They don't run for it when a person comes along. Rather, they stand their ground. So far, at least as far a s I know, none have attacked a person in the city.

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Coyotes did attack a man in his back yard. (4.00 / 1)
A man in Kent, WA was attacked in his yard last month by three coyotes. In addition to many stitches, the man had to endure painful rabies shots.

So, not in Portland, but close enough.

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rabies shots not so painful (4.00 / 1)
Apparently they used to be a lot worse - many more shots and all in the bellybutton. Now it's a total of 5 shots, 1 in the bite site and 4 others in the arm. Although the "1" in the bite site is a lot of medicine they have to get in there, so for me they had to do it in 3 syringes.

"I can understand someone from Iowa promoting corn and soy, but we are not feeding the world, we are feeding animals and soft drink companies." - Jim Goodman

[ Parent ]
According to the newspaper article, this guy (4.00 / 1)
got 2 rabies shots in his hip and another 24 rabies shots in his leg. Is it possible they give different numbers of shots depending on the animal? Or maybe the docs used smaller syringes? OR, well, I don't know.

I am glad you did not have to have 26 shots, Jill. When I was a kid, in the '50s and '60s, we were all terrified by the idea of rabies because, as you said, the shots were given in the stomach, I think it was 14 shots, but my memory could be faulty.

[ Parent ]
I hear they won't individually attack a human (4.00 / 1)
Only in groups

"I can understand someone from Iowa promoting corn and soy, but we are not feeding the world, we are feeding animals and soft drink companies." - Jim Goodman

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Just spent all weekend... (0.00 / 0)
...with a soon-to-be-two year old, who has just learned how to punch.  She now does nothing else aside from hitting and pooping for about 90% of her waking hours.

Also, a dog with no memory who licks your face one minute, then when you go to the bathroom and come back he's forgotten who you are, and goes into Insane Guard Dog mode.  Fortunately, he's a total poseur who sounds like he can tear a grizzly bear's head off with little to no effort, though in reality he's a total wimp who runs under the table and starts crying if you're still in the room after the first two barks.

Good times.  Heh.

Okay, yeah... (0.00 / 0)
Bill Belichick deserved to lose simply for wearing that atrocious short sleeve hoodie.  I've seen that man wear some ugly clothes before, but come on now.  That thing is just historically horrible.  My eyes burn.

What the World Eats (4.00 / 1)
I had forgotten all about this book! It came out in 2007

Middle class family from California

Middle class family from Guatemala

One Grain More (4.00 / 1)
gluten free

But it's a still and dry cold! (0.00 / 0)
12 degrees when I woke up this morning, at about 4:45.  Forgot to grind my coffee beans last night, and with these walls I can't do so that early.  So I walked a few blocks on down to the ATM.  Even better than coffee, that shocked me right into full alertness!

It only ended up reaching about 22 for a 'high' today.  Back down to about 16 out there right now.  Yesterday was technically 'warmer,' but with 30 MPH wind gusts I much preferred today, in which there were only occasional slight breezes.  We'll stay below freezing until Sunday, when they say we might reach 33 for a few minutes that afternoon!

After Sunday, it gets back to normal with highs in the low 40s.  Next Wednesday may top 50, even!

This would be the coldest cold spell I've experienced in six years.  Portland never had week-long deep freezes, and Oakland sure didn't either!  This is unusual even for Philadelphia though, as today was the lowest recorded temperature in the city since early 2011.  It was waiting for me, I knew it!

I don't even have a winter coat.  Or any hat other than a plain old Phillies ballcap.  All my old coats seem to have disappeared from my mother's, where I left them before I moved west.  Had to go out today in two t-shirts, a sweatshirt and my beat-up, ole' reliable Columbia windbreaker which is like 120 years old in jacket years.  I'll rough out the rest of this winter, but I do believe I'll need to pick up a coat and a good winter hat for next year!

Alright! (0.00 / 0)
33% warmer this morning.  We possess 16 (count 'em!) degrees at 4:35 AM this morning.  I'm considering only three layers instead of four, as we're going all the way up to a scorching 26 today!  Good thing I have coffee ready now, unlike yesterday...

[ Parent ]
We finally broke out of the freezing fog zone yesterday (4.00 / 1)
It hasn't been above freezing much if any for almost 2 weeks here in Gervais, but in the Mulino/Molalla area the other day when the sun came out, all the frost that had built up on the trees and what not was breath taking, in a good way.

I like cold weather, but the teens is where I draw the line. Anytime it hurts my nose to breathe means it's too cold for me.

Normal people scare me.... But not as much as I scare them.

[ Parent ]
Wind wasn't as bad... (0.00 / 0) they were calling for here today, or at least it didn't feel like it.  Wasn't too bad a day, actually.

Or maybe I'm just numb after 4 straight days of this.

Will be 13 degrees when I head out tomorrow morning.  Light snow from late afternoon until about midnight.  Shouldn't be too much, they say.  And I hope.

Break out the beach chairs, it's going up to 25 tomorrow!  31 Saturday, 32 Sunday.  Monday's gonna smash right past the freezing point and dart up to 38!

Then it gets nice for a few days.  52 next Wednesday.  I'd say we deserve it after being below freezing for 7 consecutive days...

[ Parent ]
Sixers win, Flyers win... (0.00 / 0)
...and it's only three weeks and six days until the first Phillies spring training game.  Also, the Eagles are guaranteed to not lose another game for at least 8 months!

Aside from the Temple men losing, it was a very good day in sports.

I don't care for basketball, especially the NBA, and I (4.00 / 1)
don't follow hockey. I guess I am glad for you though, Jay.

As for my own sports interests, well, I am counting the days until pitchers and catchers report. About 18 more days.

[ Parent ]
'Cause you know, this will be the Cubs year. (4.00 / 1)
No, probably not the year they win the WS, but maybe the year they finish with a winning record. Small, measured steps to success.

[ Parent ]
Every team is above average... (0.00 / 0)
...on Opening Day!


[ Parent ]
Tropical Philadelphia! (0.00 / 0)
In my travels throughout the metro area the past few days, I've noticed that although last weekend's snow is gone in my part of North Philadelphia, it's still hanging around in the Far Northeast, as well as in the suburbs, both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Tomorrow should wipe it all away everywhere, though, as we're gonna hit 65 degrees!

Just for a day, but still.  Tonight's low of 43 is 3.5 times as high as the overnight lows we had last week, which dropped as low as 12 degrees.  Thursday is another nice day, and even though we'll be back below freezing by Friday night, it's nice to know Spring is right around the corner.  I can;t wait for May!  Because it is indeed one damned fine month to be in the northeast, as Ellis Boyd Redding would note...


And on that last note... (0.00 / 0)
...Maine's May is Philadelphia's last week of March, so all the more closer!


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Pot Luck | 22 comments
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