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Election Day Pot Luck

by: JayinPhiladelphia

Tue Nov 06, 2012 at 12:17:02 PM PST

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Get out there and vote!

Pot Luck is an open thread...

JayinPhiladelphia :: Election Day Pot Luck
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Ah, 'polling locations'... (0.00 / 0)
Just voted at a 'polling location' for the first time in years.  Mine is a weird little unmarked garage set in the middle of a Kensington row house block.

Had to wade my way through half a dozen guys who were standing at the door, gauntlet-style, handing out pamphlets for their candidates.

Apparently, PA law is more lax on this count than NJ was.  I hear they're allowed to do this 10 feet from the polling location / table (in this case, a group of guys huddling right outside the door is fine) here.  NJ's law was 100 feet, I believe.  I think I like that one better.

Anyway.  My wish is for the entire country (or at least Pennsylvania!) to adopt Oregon's voting system during my lifetime.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.

The Polling Place Project... (0.00 / 0)
Heh!  Philadelphia is featured on this site (along with Chicago).

Didn't see mine in the slideshow, but a couple of them don't look too different.  I believe my polling location was an active auto repair shop within the past decade (I've noticed that it seems to be a 'thing' for numerous tiny auto body and repair shops to be located in unexpected locations in the middle of residential row house blocks in Philadelphia), but it's now vacant and possibly owned by one of the neighbors as extra storage space.

I'm dropping off my ballot today (4.00 / 1)
I waited until the last minute (more or less) because I couldn't decide who I wanted to vote for in a couple of judge positions and then there were 3 or 4 positions for the county's soil and water conservation district board.

Everything else I'd already voted on.

Normal people scare me. But not as much as I scare them.....

I had it all in my head, too... (0.00 / 0)
...except for the first of our four city ballot questions.  City Council President Darrell Clarke wants to tinker with the (admittedly weird) process by which our Water Department runs.

I ended up just voting "no" on that one, since the Water Department is one of our city departments that actually works well.  Figure it's best to just leave that alone, although it'll most likely easily pass as all Philadelphia ballot questions apparently historically do.

Have to admit that, political junkie though I am, until yesterday I knew almost nothing of our state Auditor General's candidates aside from what the general duties of the position are.  Ah, but that's how local pols rise to attorney general and governor and Congress and whatnot, eh?

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Wtf is with Florida... (0.00 / 0)
...and these hours-long voting lines every four years?  Seriously?

Why is this an issue that every other state can seemingly resolve / avoid except that one?

As far as I know, the logistics of moving people through a line are the very same there as in any other state which still uses the antiquated 'polling location' method.  The same principles of physics apply down there as anywhere else.  So why is Florida always on the news with hours-long lines, year after year after year?

PA just called for Obama... (0.00 / 0)
That was earlier than expected.

Senate... (0.00 / 0)
Dems pick up seats in Massachusetts and Indiana.  Maine goes Democratic-caucusing Independent.

That's the night then, pretty much.  House stays R, Senate stays D.  President gets four more years.  No surprises.

Now to just watch the outcomes of a handful of House races and a couple Senate seats...

Angus might not caucus w/the Dems. (4.00 / 1)
He plans to wait until the new Congress convenes in January to make his choice. Seems he wants to see which party offers him the better committee assignments. Mr.King is for sale.

[ Parent ]
I heard some interesting commentary about the Senate (4.00 / 1)
from Chris Hayes one of the smartest people on TV While the Dems held and Republican idiots like Murdock lost, there are no Republican centrists anymore and it may make it even harder for the 2 parties to work together.

[ Parent ]
Sure does seem that way, no? (0.00 / 0)
I mean, I know I'm biased towards the D's and all, though I'm trying to be more fair-minded these days.  Ever since I got kicked off of Daily Kos for getting fed up with blatant apologists for terrorism and supporters of genocidal maniacs, I've certainly learned that certain segments of the left aren't anywhere near tolerant of different viewpoints within their alleged "big tent," either.

I'm still the same person I've always been, though I've moved beyond the extreme partisan stuff myself.  However, I still don't see any possibility of the R's offering anything but slaps and punches across the aisle over the next two years.  What's it going to take to end this stuff, and for those wascally wabbits down there to work together and get things done?

[ Parent ]
Portland and Oregon election results: (4.00 / 1)
Charlie Hales won mayor's race. In the last weeks of the campaign Jefferson Smith got crushed by bad publicity about something that he did when he was 19. He was a very stupid 19 year old, and the Oregonian really did not want him to win. So, the paper made sure everyone knew how stupid Jefferson had been at 19.

Amanda Fritz won reelection to the City Council.

The Portland Public Schools bond measure passed.

The Multnomah County Library tax district measure passed.

Marijuana legalization failed in Oregon. It passed in Washington, as did same-sex marriage.

Corporate tax kicker was abolished.

Democrats won every state-wide election: attorney general, treasurer, secretary of state, bureau of labor.

Democrats won control of the state house of reps.

Control of senate still unknown. Either the Dems will win it outright or the senate will be a 15-15 tie again.

That's all I have for now.

Looks similar here... (0.00 / 0)
Kathleen Kane is the first woman and the first Democrat elected Attorney General.  She did the best out of every D on the statewide ballot tonight, including Obama.  Casey won reelection to the Senate, and Dems won State Treasurer and Auditor General.  Republicans maintain the PA House (R's picked up one seat there) and Senate (D's picked up 3).

Bob Brady and Chaka Fattah kept their US House seats by margins of roughly 140%-0%, as usual.

[ Parent ]
And hell yeah on weed. (0.00 / 0)
It's long past time to move on from the reefer madness crap.  Too bad they apparently messed up in writing the Oregon measure?  Good on Washington (and Colorado!), though.

[ Parent ]
Dems control Oregon Senate 16-14. (4.00 / 1)
Kitzhaber will now work a legislature that is totally controlled by Dems.

The WA weed measure was very carefully crafted. The writers tried to cover every possible question or concern. They established a measurable blood level of active THC, like the drunk driving blood level. If a driver has an active THC level above .05 that person is considered impaired. They set out how the law would be administered, taxes collected, etc.

The Oregon law was really wide open. Basically, it would have established a board or commission or committee (I forget what word was used) that would have established the rules. Having not very much structure made it easy to attack. And attack people did. The Oregonian tore it apart. I voted in favor because we have got to stop this War on Drugs jihad. It is bankrupting the country in so many ways. If things go well in WA and CO I expect a more tightly crafted ballot measure in 2014.

WA, Maryland, Maine and Minnesota voters legalized same-sex marriage. So, in WA a person can now marry her same-sex partner,and they can offer their wedding guests weed at the reception's open bar.

[ Parent ]
I can't believe it's snowing right now. (0.00 / 0)
A few days after a massive hurricane / tropical storm.

What's on tap for this weekend?  Locusts?

I don't even have a shovel yet... (0.00 / 0)
Wasn't going to buy one until the end of the month.  It better not stick.  Won't be around long, fortunately.  Going up near 70 degrees again next Monday.  Our New Normal Weather, ladies and gentlemen...

[ Parent ]
Fishtown follow-up... (0.00 / 0)
Following up on this story from last month.  The neighborhood newspaper Down in the Wilds south of Norris Street (heh) reports.

Would a reality show, though it's not a sure thing, celebrate Fishtown, or exploit it?

Fishtown is being sized up, like it or not.

A Boston-based television production company, Powderhouse Productions, is deciding if there is potential for a reality show about the neighborhood. Two casting representatives have been hunkering down in Philly since mid-October. Some of Powderhouse's clients are Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and PBS.

The first casting call was at Les and Doreen's Happy Tap, at 1301 E. Susquehanna Ave., on Friday, from 7 to 10 p.m. Star was there for roughly the first two hours, by which time no Fishtowners had shown up to be cast.

It now looks like they were chased out of the River Wards, and have moved on down to South Philly.

UPDATE FROM PRINT VERSION: Powderhouse may be moving on from casting in Fishtown. A new Nov. 5 Craigslist post reads:

"Do you come from a large and LARGER THAN LIFE family living in South Philly, PA? Are you a cheesesteak eating, Eagles loving, prideful South Philly original that intends on being a local for life? Is your family full of big personalities that can't fit under one roof? Do you, your family and perhaps even extended family live in the same house or work in a family owned and operated business? We want to meet YOU!

A major cable production company is currently casting born & bred South Philly families that have big personalities and are not afraid to speak their mind! If you are interested, please provide us with a brief bio of you, your family and its dynamic, individual and family photos, your occupations and what you LOVE about your South Philly roots! Please include your contact information (phone number & email) as we have a production team in the area meeting families and local businesses. We will put you in touch if you would like to be considered!"

Let's hope they get tossed out of there too, and right back on up to Boston!

Totally insignificant things... (0.00 / 0)
...that inexplicably annoy me.

#17.  When the person who bottles my apple cider is obviously left-handed, and therefore sticks the label on the wrong (back) side of the jug.

It's clearly my OCD which is responsible for this, as it makes proper filing in my refrigerator a nightmare.  ;)

Fucking OCD.

Things that are true... (0.00 / 0)
1.  Italian Wedding Soup kicks the ass of most other soups.

2.  Frankford Avenue's new Pizza Brain is awesome, and was well worth the wait.  I don't like their tomato sauce-based slices (the sauce is far too sweet for my tastes, not that it's bad or anything), but their white pies are great, and they even do slices with apples and sweet potatoes and goat cheese and stuff like that.  Reminds me of Portland's Hot Lips in a (good) way.  $3 - $3.50 per small-ish slice, but definitely worth the occasional splurge.  Fits a necessary niche in the neighborhood.

There's always room for Pizza! (4.00 / 1)
I've been cooking beef and soup bones in the crock pot. Enjoying beef tacos and the joys of bone broth.

Normal people scare me. But not as much as I scare them.....

[ Parent ]
Tomatoes are gone... (0.00 / 0)
Picked up the last heirlooms of the season down the block at Greensgrow's Thursday evening farm stand.  Is the first week of November late for southeast Pennsylvania?

Heading out to the Rittenhouse Square Farmers' Market in a few.  I want to work with squash more this winter.  Think I'm gonna play around with spaghetti squash beginning this week.

OOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (0.00 / 0)
That is all.


Ducks beat Cal 59-17. (4.00 / 1)
Both K State and Notre Dame won today. Poor old Alabama lost.

I predict the human polls will elevate Oregon to #1, K State will be #2 and the Irish will come in at #3.

The BCS poll? Well, during the ND-BC game some ESPN poll analyst was talking, and he thinks even the BCS poll will put Oregon at #1 and K State at #2. If these three teams win out, he puts Oregon and K State in the championship game and ND in the Rose Bowl against the Big 10 winner.

The Beavers lost a tough, close game to Stanford today. :-(

[ Parent ]
Oregon and Kansas State... (0.00 / 0)
...would be an awesome title game!

I'd call that one Oregon 58-39.  Will be close until the end of the 3rd quarter, when Oregon will run away with it on a couple quick scores.

I'm gonna go with K-State at 1 and Oregon at 2 tomorrow, but that will definitely flip next week after Oregon beats Stanford.

[ Parent ]
Big 10... (0.00 / 0)
The unfortunate thing about the Big 10 this year is that two of their three or four best teams (Ohio State and Penn State) are ineligible for bowl games.  Including their best team (Ohio State, who will probably go undefeated).

A Stanford and Notre Dame rematch in the Rose Bowl would be cool, especially since Stanford scored twice on that goal line 'stand' the first time around, though the officials never gave them a score.

Notre Dame should be a Big 10 team anyway, and a Nebraska - ND Rose Bowl just sounds so wrong from a historical standpoint.  Imo...

[ Parent ]
If Oregon wins out, then both Oregon State and (4.00 / 1)
Stanford will have 3 losses. The thinking is that record will make it very unlikely either of them would get a Rose Bowl bid or a bid to any of the big bowl games.This isn't the SEC, you know. Pac-12 teams don't get rewarded just for being in the Pac-12. They have to earn it outright.

Part of the BCS agreement with the traditional big bowl games give the Rose Bowl the right to choose whatever team they want if the Pac-12 champ is in the national championship game. Notre Dame, with its very loyal national fan base, would bring in more fans in the seats and so more $$$$ to the Rose Bowl than either Stanford or Oregon State.

[ Parent ]
Also, Notre Dame will be joining the ACC for all sports (4.00 / 1)
except football and hockey. This agreement with the ACC obligates ND to play a minimum of 5 football games against ACC opponents. So, no chance the Irish will be a Big 10 team. Being in the ACC, instead of the Big 10, gives ND  better chance at post-season games, especially the big bowls.  

[ Parent ]
Which is... (0.00 / 0)
...of course, ridiculous, but at least not as ridiculous as San Diego State and Boise joining the 'Big East' soon.

I'm in favor of getting rid of all the current conferences and just arranging teams into eight regional conferences.  And boom!  Then you'll have a perfect number of conference champions for a playoff. ;)

[ Parent ]
Oh, and yeah... (0.00 / 0)
Human polls will be Oregon 1 and K-State 2.

[ Parent ]
Records... (0.00 / 0)
Ducks set two more last night.

Longest streak of scoring 30+ points a game (23 games).  Longest streak of scoring 40+ points a game (13 games).

[ Parent ]
Well, the search continues.... (4.00 / 1)
The deal on the property in Molalla fell through. The well doesn't work and I can't buy property if there's no water. To get the well up and running it'd cost around $4,000 and to put in a new well would start at between $7,000 and $9,000. Without water, the property can only be sold as bare land. A buyer won't even count the two structures on the property as they can't be occupied. I don't know who damaged the well, it's actually the pump thats damaged because someone ran into it with a tractor or bull dozer.

I don't think the bank that owns the property even knew that there wasn't any water. They kept telling us that we couldn't have the water turned on. City folks, don't understand the mechanics of wells and water testing. You don't have the water turned on, you have the electricity turned on...

So, anyway, I went and looked at another piece of property in Gervais, a few miles south of Woodburn. I'll know if they've accepted my offer or not by Monday evening.

Normal people scare me.... But not as much as I scare them.

Good luck with the new one... (0.00 / 0)
And Woodburn has the best authentic Mexican food north of LA, just so you know.  I'm mad that I never got the chance to spend more time there!

[ Parent ]
Bummer about the well, Joanne. (4.00 / 1)
I hope the Gervais property works out. I like Gervais. It's a really sweet area. Used to be chockfull of berry farms, strawberry mostly, back in the days when the Portland metro area was berry heaven (which was as recently as the 1980s).

Even I, city born and bred, know that if you can't get water from the well the first thing to do is check the electricity and make sure it is turned on. I would have thought that even a bank, since it is a bank that is dealing in farm property, would know that much.

Let us know if your offer gets accepted, please. Does the Gervais property have a habitable house and good outbuildings?

[ Parent ]
Victory! (4.00 / 1)
My offer was accepted on the Gervais property. I close in December and I'm going to start packing this week and will start moving in December and start cleaning up this house as I pack/move things out.

Moving a working farm is a BIG DEAL. Fortunately, I have enough money to support myself during the move and during the growth of new crops, which I figure is going to take several months.

Details -
The house was built in 1930, it's tiny. Just 1100+ sq. ft. between the ground floor (800 sq. ft) and the large dormer, which is the rest. It's solid as a rock, but needs work. It has a nice well (250 gpm.) but the well needs a new filteration system which I'm going to have installed. I'll be renovating the house over the next 2-3 years as well.

There are some great out buildings - a shop, an open equipment shed and a potting shed.

It has really good top soil (2'-3') and a high ground water level, so I should be good to go as far as dryland style farming which is what I do now.

Most important - I'll have permanent tenure, so I can do with the property what I want and can plan long range crops, plan the orchard and vineyard, etc.

I close in December. I'm pumped!

I'll be having a Grand Opening BBQ sometime in 2013 (probably during the summer). Everyone in the area is invited!

Normal people scare me.... But not as much as I scare them.

Congratulations! Great news. (4.00 / 1)
How many acres is the farm?  The house is small, especially by today's standards, but it isn't tiny. Of course, I live in a studio apartment that is approx.300 sq.ft. So, 1100 sq.ft. sounds like a very nice size to me. :-)

Good topsoil and a high ground water level are pretty ideal for your kind of farming. Sounds like this is a better place for you than the one with the bum well.

What do you mean by "permanent tenure"? Do you mean that since you own it, and are not beholden to landlords, you can live there for life? Or is it a legal term?

[ Parent ]
1100 square feet... (0.00 / 0) roughly twice the size of both of our residences put together, then.  So yeah, it's not too small to some of us!  ;)

[ Parent ]
Permanent tenure means I own the place outright (4.00 / 1)
and all I have to do is pay the property taxes to keep it. Between that and the fact that it's on a well, and the only utility I need to pay is electricity, I should be able to make enough to stay put easily as my operating overhead for the farm will be minimal.

The property is 4.95 acres, the perfect size for me. The Sprague Rd. property was 8.86 acres which means I would have leased out most of it, which would have generated some income, but I like the place I'm going to better. Especially because of the out buildings.

The house is a nice little house. Needs a lot of work and I'm going to be doing remodeling for the next several years, but that's the cool thing about a house for someone like me. And it's structurally very sound except for the roof which will have to be replaced in the next couple of years. I'm actually glad that I'll be taking possession during the rainy season. It's always easier to find a leak when it's raining.

I'll be moving from a 1,200' (or so) house to an 1,100' house, so I won't be going down in area so much as I'll be moving to a house with rooms that are a lot smaller, which makes it feel like a smaller house. And also, the house I'm in is all on one floor and the one I'm buying is 800' on the ground floor and 300' in a large dormer, which makes the place feel even smaller. Also, there's about half the counter space that I'm used to in the kitchen. I can't increase the counter space much because half the kitchen is taken up by the pellet stove. But I'll work something out.

The real gems of the place are the shop, equipment shed and potting shed. Plus the layout on the south end of the property where the buildings are.

I have often said I'd rather have a small house and a big barn and some land, than a big house, small barn and a little land. So I've gotten my wish. I was thinking yesterday "Where the hell am I going to put everything?". And I had to smack myself and say "You have a shop building that's as big or bigger than the house you're in now....."

I'm not looking forward to moving, that's going to be a PIA, but once I'm settled in and start working on the place I'm going to have a blast with it.

And, there's a hazelnut orchard across the street, a hop yard a little ways to the east of me, a seed cleaning and hay storage facility next door and a big open plot of land on the oposite side that looks to be in production for tree seedlings. Good stuff all around.

Normal people scare me.... But not as much as I scare them.

[ Parent ]
Yeah, small rooms can make a house seem much smaller than (4.00 / 1)
it is. Could you remove the downstairs walls so you have an open floor plan? Take down walls and have just one or two rooms downstairs? I don't know if that is a style that appeals to you, but, for me, an open plan makes a small space seem much bigger and airier. And if you opened up the kitchen to the rest of the downstairs you could possibly increase counter space.

Are you thinking that the upstairs will be your bedroom? Or an office? Or is it only suited for storage?

I am so excited for you. This sounds so great. And, as I said before, Gervais is a sweet area. i like it  alot.

[ Parent ]
Good article on the Ducks... (0.00 / 0)
...and Chip Kelly.

The New Old School: The success of Chip Kelly's Oregon offense is more familiar than it seems

Is it Saturday yet?  :)

Temple's at Army, so that should be a win... but the potential 12th game against Hawaii fell through, so at 3-6 my boys down the street will not play in a bowl this year even if they beat Army and Syracuse.  Fooey.

Wait'll next year!

If Rutgers beats Cincinnati, for the first time since dilophosaurus roamed Middlesex County, they'll have the inside track to finally winning the Big East for the first time and playing in the Orange Bowl.

Game of the week, of course, is #13 Stanford at #2 Oregon on Saturday night.

UCLA (!)  can clinch a second-straight spot in the Pac-12 Championship Game with a win over USC.  I think USC will win it, though I wouldn't be surprised by a UCLA win (and I'm rooting for the Bruins).  Whoever does win it, wins a spot in the conference championship game.

I saw the Chip Kelly article. It does explain Kelly's ways. (4.00 / 1)
Thank god the Ducks-Cardinal game is on ABC. That means I can watch the game on my non-cable TV. I'm hoping that all of the remaining Ducks games will be televised on either ABC or Fox.

By the way, one of the football analysts on Fox's college football broadcasts is Joey Harrington, Oregon's favorite college-QB-who-tanked-in-the-pros. He is proving to be a pretty good TV analyst. He really does know the game.

This season is Fox's first foray into the world of college football. While it has not helped me in my quest to watch Oregon on TV, Fox's entry into college football has expanded my options for watching other teams. I've seen Oregon state twice this year on TV.

[ Parent ]
Ducks-Cardinal game on ABC at 5 PM (PST). (4.00 / 1)
The Ducks have a lot of injured players. They will be fielding 2nd and 3rd stringers for some defensive positions.

UCLA leads USC 24-14 at the half. Clearly dumping Neuheisel and hiring a decent coach, Jim Mora jr., was a smart move for the Bruins.  

[ Parent ]
UCLA wins! (0.00 / 0)
Wow, they've clinched their second consecutive Pac 12 South crown.  Of course, they're gonna get stomped by the Ducks in the championship game, but still...


[ Parent ]
Remember when... (0.00 / 0)
...USC was getting dozens of first place votes in the polls?  Didn't they start the season #1 in one of them?  Heh.

[ Parent ]
Not bad... (0.00 / 0)
One of those third-string safeties just got a pick!

[ Parent ]
And gave it right back... (0.00 / 0)
7-7, half time.  Ducks will run away with it early in the 4th, I call.  Gotta run in a bit, so I'll miss most of the second half.  Hope I can be back in time for the final few minutes, though.

[ Parent ]
So speaking of elections... (0.00 / 0)
Republicans still control things in Harrisburg, though Democrats made gains in both chambers.

The new PA House will be 110 R, 93 D (Democratic gain of one seat).

The new PA Senate will be 27 R, 23 D (Democratic gain of three seats).

Democrats also swept all statewide races.  Attorney General (a Democratic win for the first time ever), State Treasurer and Auditor General.

Whoa... (0.00 / 0)
Rutgers to the Big Ten?  Awesome!  Regular Penn State - RU games.  I wish Temple could get out of the Big East too now, though.  The ACC maybe?

Big East football is gonna be a joke.  And in the new playoff system, they've even lost automatic qualifying status.  The automatic qualifiers in the playoff system will be the champions of the Pac 12, the Big 12, the Big 10, the ACC and the SEC.  Then the sixth automatic qualifier will be the highest-ranked champion of the Big East, the Mountain West, Conference USA and the MAC.  And maybe one other conference?  Anyway, yeah.  Here's hoping Temple can get out of the Big East soon, too!

Speaking of Rutgers... (0.00 / 0)
They (finally, for the first time since humans have walked on two legs!) beat Cincinnati today, and so it doesn't matter what happens next week against Pitt.  Their game against Louisville to end the season will essentially be the Big East Championship Game.  And they can possibly even clinch it next week - if they beat Pitt, and UConn beats Louisville, Rutgers wins the Big East outright for the first time ever.  Nice!

[ Parent ]
K-State... (0.00 / 0)
...down 21-7 just before the half, and Baylor has the ball again.  Ughh.  Come on guys!  I do NOT want to start hearing all that Ess Eee See! bullshit again.  That's more annoying than the Boise crap.

Who did Georgia play today, btw?  Decatur Jr. High?

Ducks Cardinal tied 14 all with 40 seconds left in the game. (4.00 / 1)
The Ducks have played a terrible game. Stanford's defense has been very good.  

[ Parent ]
And we are going to OT. (4.00 / 1)
My heart can't take the stress.  

[ Parent ]
Ughh. (0.00 / 0)
I see it coming already.  USC will beat Notre Dame, K-State is out.  If Oregon falls once, guess what we're gonna have?

Another 6-3 SEC Stupor Bowl, featuring whoever wins that stupid conference, and the runner-up in the Eastern division, Florida.

I will not be watching, again.

[ Parent ]
The Ducks miss another FG. (4.00 / 1)
That is the second missed FG for the Ducks.

[ Parent ]
And the last extra point... (0.00 / 0)
...hit the uprights, and luckily went in.  Just an all-around crap game, eh?

[ Parent ]
Oh wait, that was the first. (0.00 / 0)
The first extra point.  Although I didn't see the second, so that may have done the same thing.  Heh.

[ Parent ]
Stanford wins. (4.00 / 1)
ND goes to #1. Will Oregon even get to the Rose Bowl?

[ Parent ]
Nope... (0.00 / 0)
Best Oregon can hope for is an at-large BCS bid.   Which they'll get if they beat the Beavers, but they're not even going to the Pac 12 Championship Game this year.  That's Stanford-UCLA now.

[ Parent ]
Well, damn. (4.00 / 1)
That's all I have to say.

Oh, I have one more thing to say. The word on the street here is that Chip was headed to the NFL if the Ducks won the national championship. Since that is not going to happen this year, maybe he sticks around for another season. He's got a young team.  

[ Parent ]
Or maybe another two... (0.00 / 0)
I don't think any Pac 12 team can win it all under the BCS.  The conference is just too good from top-to-bottom, and unlike one particular conference they don't schedule Week 11 games against Jacksonville State, Georgia Southern and Wofford (are they kidding us?).

Just gonna have to wait until the playoff system begins.  Then teams which don't even win their own division in one certain conference will finally not get the chance to play for a 'national championship.'  Again.

[ Parent ]
Hmm... (0.00 / 0)
Well, actually the Ducks can if they beat Oregon State and if UCLA beats Stanford.  Possible, but probably not likely.  I still think UCLA is a notch below both the Ducks and Stanford.

[ Parent ]
So, let's say the Ducks beat the Beavs. (4.00 / 1)
And the Irish win against USC. Why won't the Ducks get to the championship game? Everyone seems to think 'Bama is back in the mix, but if Oregon and 'Bama both have just the one loss, why not the Ducks? We know from last year that not winning your conference does not disqualify a team from the championship game.

So, why not the Ducks?

[ Parent ]
Timing. (0.00 / 0)
The Ducks lost last, is pretty much why.  That's why the SEC schedules Jacksonville State and Wofford and Georgia Southern and Western Carolina in Week 11, so it's highly unlikely their top teams will suffer similar late losses and not have enough time to 'make up for it' in the computers.  They game the system, and get rewarded for it every time.

The playoff system will eliminate that, and it can't come soon enough.

[ Parent ]
Top 6 prediction... (0.00 / 0)
I see it Notre Dame at 1, Alabama 2, Georgia 3, Oregon 4, Florida 5, Kansas State 6.

I think USC is gonna beat Notre Dame, and Alabama will win the SEC.  I also think K-State is gonna lose again, to Texas.  Alabama (or Georgia) is in, and that leaves one spot for Oregon and Florida.  I would totally not put it past the stupid system to somehow jump Florida over Oregon in the last week, and make it (once again!) SEC champion vs. SEC second place team in the other division.

But if Notre Dame beats USC, they're in of course.

Either way, it's a long shot for Oregon to get in though it is possible.  But the problem, again, is timing.  And especially if Stanford beats UCLA next week to take the Pac 12 North.  Oregon just doesn't have enough time to 'make up' for the loss in the computers.

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Matt Barkley is injured, according to my morning (4.00 / 1)
Oregonian. If he does not play next week, the Irish look to be the winners of that game.

So, at least today it appears that the SEC has managed to worm its way into another BCS championship game.

The Stanford-UCLA game is in LA. So, a Bruins win is not beyond the realm of the possible.

So, if Oregon beats Oregon State and UCLA beats Stanford, then the Ducks beat UCLA for the Pac-12 championship. . . A girl's gotta have hope. :-)

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So predictable... (0.00 / 0)
I was right on with my predictions except for one.  Flip Oregon and Florida.  Apparently, the BCS didn't even want to have to find an explanation to jump Florida over Oregon next week, so they did it this week.

Well, that's it.  If Notre Dame loses, it's gonna be Alabama or Georgia vs. Florida.  So unbelievable it's actually all-too-believable.

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BCS projections... (0.00 / 0)
Okay, lemme predict the BCS bowls.

'National Championship': Alabama - Florida

Rose: Stanford - Nebraska

Orange: Rutgers - Florida State

Sugar: Notre Dame - Clemson

Fiesta: Kansas State - Oregon

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And yeah... (0.00 / 0)
I'm stubbornly sticking with my USC over Notre Dame pick, although I'll be rooting for ND as much as it hurts.  I am not a fan of theirs, to put it gently.  But I'll be their biggest fan for three hours in January if they do it make to the championship game against an SEC team.

The prediction I may be wrong about is Rutgers, but I just can't pick against them this year.

Also, maybe flip one of the at-larges as I don't remember who gets first at-large pick between the Sugar and the Fiesta.  Whoever does would certainly pick Notre Dame over Oregon.  I'm thinking it's the Sugar that would pick first, since they'll lose the SEC champ to the title game?

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Path to NCG... (0.00 / 0)
Okay, here goes.  After viewing the newest BCS standings.  It's not impossible for Oregon to make it into the NCG, but it's pretty unlikely.  Things that must happen on Saturday -

Oregon over OSU.  Florida State over Florida.  USC over Notre Dame.

If Notre Dame wins, Oregon has no path.  If Florida wins, it would help Oregon if UCLA beat Stanford next week, giving the Ducks an extra game against another highly ranked team.  But it's possible for the numbers to work out even if Florida does win, though that would rely on the BCS.  Which is as good as saying it won't happen.

I think Oregon's gonna end up #3, though, just barely behind Florida.  Which is bull, but hey... all that needs to happen is a 'mysterious' (cough cough) #9 ranking or three for Oregon in the Coaches' Poll third of the BCS formula, coming from a certain region of the country, and boom!  Florida edges Oregon for #2 by 1/100th of a point in the final pre-bowl BCS standings.

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That's the thing about losing a big game. Your destiny (4.00 / 1)
is no longer in your own hands. Now, there is a whole lot of "stars aligned perfectly" stuff to get to the BCS NCG.

I think to get to the Rose Bowl, the Ducks must beat the Beavs. UCLA must beat Stanford. The Ducks must then beat UCLA in the Pac-12 Championship. If all this happens, the Ducks go to the Rose Bowl.

To get to the NCG, all of the above must happen plus: the Irish must lose to USC. FSU must beat Florida. I don't for a minute believe the BCS, computers or humans, will give it to Oregon unless Florida gets beat.

And doesn't Georgia need to lose in there somewhere?

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Let me add: Georgia plays 'Bama for the SEC champ. (4.00 / 1)
One of them loses and falls below Oregon in the rankings.

Oregon plays SEC champ in NCG.

It could happen.

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Yeah... (0.00 / 0)
Alabama or Georgia will lose in the SEC championship game, so that one will drop below Oregon.

At least, you'd think they would.  This is still the BCS, of course...

Anyway, there it is.  I think Oregon actually has a slightly better chance to get into the NCG than the Rose Bowl, as UCLA has already clinched the South, and they can just use next week's game to see what Stanford has in preparation for a rematch in the Pac 12 Championship a week later.

Most likely scenario is the Fiesta, though.

Either way, Ducks win next week and they clinch a BCS Bowl.  I guess at the very least, it means a program's come quite a long way when a BCS at-large bid can be considered a disappointment!

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Oh, and... (0.00 / 0)
...for Oregon to get to the NCG, UCLA over Stanford doesn't need to happen.  

Neither will jump Oregon in the BCS, and if Florida loses and Notre Dame loses, then Oregon will pull an Alabama from last year, and make it to the National Championship Game without even winning their own division.

Hey, maybe that's poetic justice in a way, eh?

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Oh, well... (0.00 / 0)
Time to get into basketball!  Temple is undefeated at 1-0.  ;)

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I don't usually... (0.00 / 0) or follow the NFL too closely, but I'm definitely looking forward to the Eagles game today.  Nick Foles' first NFL start.  I loved that draft pick at the time, as I knew Foles would be at least a serviceable NFL QB.  All those years at Arizona, he was the only Pac quarterback I was ever really worried about when the Ducks played him.

Let the Pholes Era begin!  Heh.

Well, that was fun! (0.00 / 0)
Okay, two observations -

1.  The Eagles really, really do suck.

2.  Reid won't be back next year, so we can possibly be a contender again in two or three years.

Alright, that's that!

On to following the Sixers and Temple basketball for the winter...

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I am not a fan of basketball, and I never got into hockey. (4.00 / 1)
So, the winter is a bit of a sports wasteland for me. Although, given that football doesn't really end until the first Sunday in February and pitchers and catchers report to spring training a scant 3 weeks later, it's not that long a dry spell. :-)

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Day for Night (4.00 / 1)
Yesterday, as is my usual Sunday habit, I took a long walking tour. I got in the habit of Sunday walks because there are free parking spots to be found on the island of Manhattan. I think my brain is balanced at about 99% visual so it's my favorite kind of adventure.

There are only two rules to my walking tours, no planning and it always ends with buying Sunday dinner at Fairway. I just get in my car and drive until I find a place that is unfamiliar and then go exploring. Sometimes I document the whole day. Other times I just post a few photos.

Yesterday morning, the day finally came when I visited the location of an iconic still. For an exact duplicate I would have had to step back about thirty feet but I liked it better this way. That way it feels a little bit original. Of course the movie was 'Manhattan' and there is a wonderful song to go with this view but the scene has changed over the years. Still, I finally got that shot.

After a long walking tour that included a walk across the 59th Street Bridge, an exploration of Long Island City, another crossing at the Welfare Island Bridge and walking the length of Roosevelt island, I made it to my destination. The goal of the day was to see New York's newest park, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park. Sort of made it a Woody Allen vs. FDR kind of day. After a ride back on the Roosevelt Island Tram, the same view at the end of my walk.

If you would like to see my tribute to FDR, it was posted in a DKos Open Thread.

This morning my feet hurt too much to walk to my apartment door and pick up the New York Times but I will be watching all the talking heads that I missed yesterday morning while walking the streets of New York.

I'm looking forward to seeing CBS Sunday Morning. It was The Food Episode. Last year during the annual food episode Proposition 37 made the cut. I doubt it will be in this years program because the media probably thinks Monsanto won. They may have won the battle but they are wounded. I think those wounds will prove fatal for Monsanto in 2013.    

I love bridges... (4.00 / 1)
One of these days, I'm probably gonna sprain my neck doing my usual "stare up into the cables and other workings of the Ben Franklin Bridge as the El goes underground in Center City."

All those years in Portland and I never rode their tram.  I have to do the Roosevelt Island Tram just for the hell of it, eventually.

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RU to Big Ten! (0.00 / 0)
(Big 14?)

It's official.  Maryland and Rutgers to the Big Ten.

ACC doesn't have an immediate 'opening,' per se, since they were already at odd numbers with Notre Dame joining, but I'm hoping they look to expand again soon.  Temple would be a good fit, in my biased homer opinion (heh), and they've definitely gotta get out of the Big East, at least for football.  Immediately!

Proposal! (0.00 / 0)
Temple and UConn to the ACC.  That brings in two great basketball programs with excellent track records, both of which are still currently strong, and two solid football teams with potential to grow.

Temple is the only FBS school in the Philadelphia metro area, and they're gonna benefit recruiting-wise from Penn State's sanctions over the next few years.  UConn brings in a regional rival for Boston College, and is, along with Rutgers, one of the two closest schools to NYC.

Do it, ACC!  And send me a check for the advice.  Heh.

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Oh, and... (0.00 / 0)
...UConn also of course brings the most storied women's basketball program in the country, too.  But I should stop trying to sell UConn (they don't need help), and start trying to push Temple more.  The Owls are the one I care about, anyway.  ;)

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