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Sustainable Christmas Gifts Fundraiser

by: Jill Richardson

Thu Dec 01, 2011 at 12:12:42 PM PST

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I'm trying to raise money for my investigative research trip to Kenya by selling earrings made from seeds from the Amazon rainforest. I got these seeds when I was in Bolivia. (OK, well, I've also got a few pieces I've made from materials purchased here, like pearls, gems, and crystals.) I've also got some handmade alpaca goodies from Bolivia still available from my most recent trip - a hat, mittens, etc. Pics are below.

If you know a girl who might like these as a gift - or if you want some yourself - please take a look below.

Jill Richardson :: Sustainable Christmas Gifts Fundraiser
All metal is sterling silver unless otherwise noted. If you order 3 pairs, I'll cover the cost of shipping. If you order 5, I'll give you a 6th for free. I can also get small silver boxes for $.75 each if you'd like to make these look nice as a gift. To order, email me at OrangeClouds115 at gmail d0t com.



This pair is made from huayruro seeds, which are thought to be good luck charms in Peru. $10.


This pair is larger than I intended to make it but in the end, I really like it. They aren't as heavy as they look, and they actually look really good when you put them on. $20.

These red beads are huayruro seeds, thought to be a good luck charm in Peru. These earrings are one of a kind (as in, I'm only making this one pair). I need to fix the top beads so that they are even, but that'll be easy to do. $20.

The feathers in these earrings were donated by my rooster Spot. I gave him some bread and cut the feathers off with scissors so I wouldn't hurt him. $10.

This pair obviously isn't made from Amazon seeds. I made it with pearls, Swarovski crystal, and some type of gem (I think amethyst but will check) as a gift for my cousin and thought I'd show a photo here in case anyone wanted an identical pair. $20.

This necklace is made from freshwater pearls. I made this one as a gift for another cousin and I really, really like it. The clasp and chain in the back are made from sterling silver, but the pearls are strung on a very durable wire made of several stainless steel wires coated in nylon. $30.

Handknit hat from Bolivia. Alpaca wool, natural plant based dyes. Fair trade. Made by an indigenous women's co-op in the town of Sorata. $12.

Handknit hat from Bolivia. Alpaca wool, natural plant based dyes. Fair trade. Made by an indigenous women's co-op in the town of Sorata. $15.

Handknit mittens from Bolivia. Alpaca wool, natural plant based dyes. Fair trade. Made by an indigenous women's co-op in the town of Sorata. $15.

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If you're using feathers for jewlery making (4.00 / 2)
I should send you some feathers. I have guinea fowl, turkey (these are from the bronze turkeys and the feathers are metalic colored), emu, and chicken. I have 3 roosters I'm going to be butchering, and their hackles are pretty nice looking.

Let me know and I can email you some pictures. The guinea fowl feathers are striking.

Normal people scare me.... But not as much as I scare them.

yes please!!! (4.00 / 1)
email me and i'll give you my address

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