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Book Tour Event #3: Big Blue Marble Bookstore in Philadelphia

by: Jill Richardson

Thu Aug 06, 2009 at 22:12:01 PM PDT

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Tonight was my first "real" stop on my book tour. That is, it was the first event I've done away from home. And, it was a fantastic meetup of food bloggers from this site around from around the web. Anonymous Bosch gave me a tour of a few parts of the city and of his home and garden today (I've got pictures to share later). Then we picked up blogger Natasha Chart of, who is busy personally proving why we need universal health care (she's limping around on a sprained or broken foot in quite a lot of pain), and headed over to the home of LeeN. Dinner was provided by LeeN (with a bean salad and home made bread from Anonymous Bosch). It was all vegan, mostly gluten free, and 100% delicious. Best of all, several of the fruits and veggies were grown in the gardens of LeeN and Anonymous Bosch. Yum!

From there we rushed over to the Big Blue Marble Bookstore (or hobbled there, in the case of Natasha), where we met bloggers Debtors Prison, Theran, and Tom Laskawy of Beyond Green and Grist. I was worried about whether or not the bookstore would have a CRT monitor or other things that give me migraines (they didn't), but unfortunately they had Natasha's worst nightmare: stairs.

I gave a talk, which seemed to be well received. There was an elderly lady in the front row who had THE MOST expressive face. I wish I could take her on the road with me and put her in the front row everywhere I go. It's hard to talk to a group of people when they are just totally deadpan because you can't tell if they are interested or bored, agreeing with you, disagreeing, or just totally lost.

Towards the end of my talk, a Q&A began somewhat spontaneously, and I think that went well. I can see how things might get ugly in the future though, if (for example) an animal rights activist and a farmer are both in the audience and both interested in speaking up. In this case one woman asked if we should all stop eating meat. Another man spoke up that he was a farmer. Uh-oh, I thought. If one person thinks that it's never OK to kill an animal and another person kills the animals he or she personally eats, that's just not something that can be compromised on. And that sort of thing is rather close to home - some people REALLY cannot agree to disagree about it. The woman mentioned factory farms and growth hormones, and both the farmer and I said "OH NO! Don't eat that!"

My take on meat is that I don't see any reason whatsoever for anyone to eat factory farmed meat, but if we're talking about humanely and sustainably raised meat, then I'm not going to tell anyone not to eat that. Obviously it should be eaten in appropriate quantities if you do choose to eat meat - not only because excessive amounts of meat are not good for you but also because of what it displaces in your diet (fruits and vegetables). But I'm not a nutritionist and I'll leave it to the professionals to say whether it's good or bad for you to eat meat. And I'm also not God, so I can't make anyone else's decision about whether animals should be killed for us to eat them. Neither the farmer nor the woman seemed too offended by my answer. Disaster averted. I think, anyway.

After the talk, I signed a few books, and then went out for beers at Earth Bread + Brewery with Tom Laskawy. If you're ever in the Philly area, GO THERE. And be thirsty!

Thanks Tom for arranging tonight's event, thanks to Big Blue Marble Bookstore for hosting me, thanks to Natasha and Chris Bowers for letting me crash with them here in Philly, thanks to AB & Mrs. AB for their lovely hospitality all day today, and thanks to LeeN for having us all over for dinner (and sorry we were late and then a bit rushed). I'm sorry I won't get to spend more time in Philly because it's such a freaking great city and it's got a surprising concentration of really amazing people (especially people who blog!). Tomorrow I'm headed to Lancaster. And I'm happy about that because I LOVE AMISH PEOPLE! (Seriously... Witness was a totally great movie, and I read this book about the Amish in my freshman anthropology class in college...)

Jill Richardson :: Book Tour Event #3: Big Blue Marble Bookstore in Philadelphia
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Congrats on what sounds like a great event (4.00 / 7)
I would have loved to have been there.  Philly is a great place and so historic.  Keep up the good work.

your welcome (4.00 / 5)
and the talk was great..

and it was wonderful meeting you.

My DFA meetings are at my house, so I came back home to the meeting in progress in my living room. Last night my State Rep was there who is a really good guy and a public servant and our talk turned to health care and food. He was fascinated by your book and I promised to lend it to him!

I have a few pics and will post later.

Excellent Event #3 (4.00 / 4)
It was a pleasure being a part of it. And you're such a dynamo in person, I'm sure the tour is going to be a smashing success.

Here's the link to Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and Dr. Barnard that was mentioned last night.

{{{Hugs from all of us at Chateau Bidet!}}}

Yankee Frugality: use it up, wear it out, make it last, or do without.

Any time! (4.00 / 4)
That was fun. I'm so glad we could make it work. Your talk was great. The company (and beer) was great. Knock 'em dead in Lancaster and NYC!!

PS I hope we don't have to wait until the next book to get you back in Philly again! :)

hahaha! I hope not too. I love it here, and I've got 2 friends (4.00 / 3)
who live here but are out of town now. So I think another visit is a must.

"I can understand someone from Iowa promoting corn and soy, but we are not feeding the world, we are feeding animals and soft drink companies." - Jim Goodman

[ Parent ]
Just wanted to let you know (4.00 / 2)
I'm about halfway through the book (wanted to read it thoroughly before doing a review on Amazon.  Well-written, leaves me wanting more.

[ Parent ]
Ah, Philly... (0.00 / 0)
My favorite North American city, I'll be back there in October for a day.


I come down there from visiting family up in North Jersey - take the NE Corridor NJ Transit train to Trenton, RiverLine light rail down to Camden, and PATCO from Camden into Philly.

And from there, have a fantastic time wandering around the City.  Walking, taking SEPTA subways, etc...


Have a long, long, long, long, long, long lost relative in NE Philly at the border with Bensalem.  Byberry / Dunks Ferry Road area.  Maybe gotta check them out next time.  We'll see if it happens.  I'll be back in Newark for 5 or 6 days in about 7 weeks...


You planning a real city (NYC that is!) visit? (4.00 / 1)
When you're in NJ/PA that is?

[ Parent ]
Of course! :) (0.00 / 0)
I always set aside a day to head up to The City / meet up with Eddie C every time I'm back out that way.  

I stay with family in North Jersey (Newark area, my parents live a few miles down the Turnpike from there these days) every time I come back for a visit.

I'll be out in early October for 5 or 6 days, maybe we can all meet up for a meal on one of those days!!!


I'll have the exact date(s) soon.  Probably the second week of October...

[ Parent ]
Cool! Let's try and meet for food :) (4.00 / 1)
IIRC, I'm past market jam work wise (I think that is happening now and I'm just not dealing with reality, because that would suck!) and it's one of my fav times of year :) Keep us updated!!  

[ Parent ]
Will do! :) (0.00 / 0)
I had originally planned to spend my 30th birthday (October 12, 2009) down in Oakland, California (my favorite city in the world)...


Instead I'm thinking now I'll probably do it back out on the East Coast, instead.  

One day that week down in Philly, one day in Newark with my childhood friends (at least those who are still alive, R.I.P. Glenn and Mikey and a few others), one day Down The Shore with my old friends from Red Bank / Keansburg / Belmar / Little Silver / Hazlet / Keyport / Atlantic Highlands / Eatontown / Middletown / etc..., and then one day up in The City hopefully with Eddie C, you and whoever else is around...


Will definitely keep in touch.  The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, whatever!


[ Parent ]
Count me in as well! (4.00 / 1)
We could even go for a foraging walk if you'd like. :)

I wish I knew half what the flock of them know
Of where all the berries and other things grow,
Cranberries in bogs and raspberries on top
Of the boulder-strewn mountain, and when they will crop.
--"Blueberries" by Robert Frost

[ Parent ]
Cool! (4.00 / 1)
Yeah, I'd love to do a foraging walk...


I should have certain dates by next week.

[ Parent ]
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